Will 2018 Be The Year You Switch Primer Piano Books?

Trevor and are excited to announce the release of WunderKeys Primer Piano Book Two; the second book in our three-book primer series.

The response from teachers to WunderKeys Primer Piano Book One was so fulfilling and rewarding that we worked tirelessly to create a follow-up that wouldn’t just meet the high standards set by Book One… but exceed them.

Here are just a few things piano teachers had to say about WunderKeys Primer Piano Book One:

“I am a huge fan of Andrea Dow’s work and this Primer is just awesome!! I currently have two six year olds who are using this Primer and they love it. The material is fun and easy to teach and the games that come along with the lessons make it much more fun and engaging than any other Primer book I have used in the past. I highly recommend this Primer!”

“This is my new “go to” primer book for young students. The characters are lovable, engaging, and children quickly select their favourite. Such a wonderful way to teach treble and bass staff notes, finger numbers, location of keys and along with the included board games, success is only a moment away.”

“I currently have 2 students working through this particular curriculum. Having used many of the Dow’s resources and books in the past, I was very excited to get my hands on their new Primer, and I was not disappointed. First of all, the kids LOVE the book. The animal friends are fun and funny, and one student asked her parents to read the story section as a bedtime story each night! The activities and games are fun, and I feel like the kids have really learned the concepts presented. As a teacher, I also love the book. Super easy to teach through, and easily laid out instructions and directions that you can customize for different children’s strengths and weaknesses.”

Changing method books can be an excellent way to refresh and re-energize your studio. But we think switching from your current primer piano book to the WunderKeys Primer Piano Series will do way more than just refresh and reenergize your studio…

Based on my years of teaching primer-level students, we set out to write primer books that would solve many of my own pedagogical frustrations with other books. In today’s post, we’re sharing how our primer books are “Wunderfully” different.

Will 2018 Be The Year You Switch Primer Piano Books

5 Things To Know About WunderKeys Primer Piano Book Two

If you’ve been thinking about giving our WunderKeys Primer Piano Books a try, and are looking for a few more reasons to take the leap, check out the video below and then keep reading to see what sets us apart:

1. We take writing for kids very seriously!

It takes more than colorful illustrations and silly song names to teach young children to play the piano… and we know that! We know how to engage kids with funny, endearing, and creative story lines that will make musical knowledge stick. We also know that kids who love their method books will love their piano lessons; we’ve worked tirelessly to create piano method books that will be as cherished as favorite bedtime story books.

2. We understand how kids learn.

We know that kids need carefully-crafted and scaffolded learning snippets delivered in context. WunderKeys primer books don’t skip around, make assumptions of students’ knowledge or leave any gaps. Every single lesson builds off the prior knowledge of the preceding lesson in a predictable way that will leave you saying, “This makes so much SENSE!”

We also know that kids can’t sit on a bench for 30 minutes straight, and that students need method books that will get them off the bench to play games and use physicality to demonstrate understanding. WunderKeys primer books include frequent, guided, off-bench and ear-training activities that are fun and effective.

3. We know that piano teachers are overworked.

We know, firsthand, how time consuming teaching piano can be. We know how much effort it takes to build great lessons and thriving studios. So, we wrote a primer series that will remove some of the burden for teachers. WunderKeys Primer Piano Books One and Book Two are low-to-no prep; any teaching materials required can be grabbed from any household in a matter of seconds. We’ve even included fabulous cut-and-play piano games within the books themselves to eliminate extra printing when including game-based learning in your lessons.

4. We’ve carefully considered our approach to position-based music.

Some books move students’ hands all over the keyboard, while other books lock their hands into positions and never let them go! We think that there are benefits to both approaches… so, while Primer Book One focused on note-reading in Middle C Position, in WunderKeys Primer Piano Book Two, kids begin to find comfort in moving their hands around the keyboard while still returning to familiar playing positions in way that is non-threatening and logical.

5. Our books solve a BIG home practice problem.

How many times have your young piano students returned to lessons and announced that they didn’t practice because “I didn’t know where to put my hands” or have learned a piece incorrectly because of the same issue. WunderKeys Primer Book Two addresses this problem head-on by throughly explaining and practicing the concept of how to use finger-number clues to find a starting position in a way that will completely eliminate this issue from your studio.

Get Your Copy Of WunderKeys Primer Piano Book Two

WunderKeys Primer Piano Book One and WunderKeys Primer Piano Book Two are available right now on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk. If you’re looking for a primer piano method book that will bring a fun, fresh, positive and pedagogically-sound approach to your piano lessons, check it out here. (WunderKeys Primer Piano Book Two will be available on the CDN Amazon site within 3 weeks).

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