Which Nominee Would Get Your Vote For PianoBookClub Book of the Year?

Before you read the post in its entirety, do know that there are giveaways for PianoBookClub’ers and non-PianoBookClub’ers alike 🙂

If you’re a member of PianoBookClub, then you already know that Trevor and I release a new piano book to our members every single month.

Which means that, just last year, we released 12 different piano books for kids and teens, for a total of 80+ piano pieces!

Now, as is the case with our children, Trevor and I love all of our PianoBookClub books equally. But we often wonder… what are your favorites? Or, if you’re not already a member, which ones would most likely be your favourites?

So we figured… we might as well ask!

And since it’s the season of award shows we decided to ask you to vote for your favorite PianoBookClub books from 2015 in a series of “Award” categories.

If you’re not already a PianoBookClub member and are interested in our awesome monthly repertoire, learn more here.

Which Nominee Would Get Your Vote For PianoBookClub Book of

Why this is much more than an “Awards” Post…

As you probably guessed, this post isn’t so much about the awards as it is about getting your feedback and using it to guide the direction of PianoBookClub through 2016 and beyond.

And when we say beyond, we mean waaaaay beyond. The coming years of PianoBookClub will see the release of some of our most inventive titles to date (our “brainstorm book” currently has 173 potential titles just waiting to be brought to life!)

But right now… let’s get on with the voting!

Below we have included the title page images of each of the 12 books that we released in 2015. In the comments section at the very bottom of this post, we would like you to tell us these three things:

  1. Which book from 2015 was your favorite?
  2. Which book from 2015 was your students’ favorite?
  3. Which book from 2015 was most useful to your piano students’ development?

And hey! If you’re not already a PianoBookClub member you can still participate! In the comments section below tell us…

  1. Which book would get the most use in your studio?

From all of the people who comment, five current PianoBookClub’ers and three not-yet-PianoBookClub’ers will be selected at random to receive their choice of three PianoBookClub books published within the last two years (and if you already have them all… we’ll find three different Teach Piano Today products for you!) 🙂

If you’re not already a member of PianoBookClub and the idea of receiving awesome repertoire each and every month for just $8 monthly sounds exciting, click here.

And the Nominees Are:

Note: The books below were released in 2015 and are now retired. However, every month (in addition to a new release) we bring one book out of retirement and make it available for purchase by current PianoBookClub members only.


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