What To Do If You Have Ignored Piano Lesson Planning This Summer

If you’re like me, every summer you probably have grand plans to prep way in advance for another year of piano teaching. And then every summer your grand plans get interrupted by much cooler plans… that don’t involve prep in any way whatsoever 🙂

Sometimes this means that we face a serious planning crunch in the days leading up to the start of lessons…

But if you are a PianoGameClub’er you don’t have to feel bad about setting aside those “grand plans” because the games we send out each and every month mean that a big chunk of your planning is already done! Our games provide an engaging way to teach theory, include ear training and solidify important concepts that your students will come across every single lesson of the year.

What does this mean? No more “night-before-lessons” panic!

Summer Piano Fun

If you’re not already a member of Teach Piano Today’s PianoGameClub, and if the thought of receiving fun and hilarious games to teach concepts like harmonic interval recognition, major and minor chords, quarter note / half note patterns and time signatures sounds good then visit PianoGameClub here to sign up today.

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