This Week’s IdeaSwap – Piano Teaching Boredom Busters

Unless you have been blessed with supernatural teaching skills and a good bit of piano “Spidey-Sense”, at some point in your career a student or two is going to begin to get bored or lose interest in the piano. More often than not, it will be an event out of your control (like a student’s entry into the dark ages… I mean the teen years) that triggers the boredom or lack of interest. And while you can’t control external events in the lives of your students, you can control their weekly piano lesson, which means you have time (however so brief) to resuscitate their musical lives.

How Do You Rescue Bored Piano Students?

This Weeks IdeaSwap Piano Teaching Boredom Busters

So, for today’s IdeaSwap we want to know how you rescue bored students from the “piano quitting ledge”? What repertoire, strategies, games, tools, or tricks do you use to make piano lessons once again relevant to a piano student who has lost interest?

Use the form below to share your piano teaching magic.

How Do I Become an IdeaSwapper?…

It’s as easy as Do-Re-Mi. Use the form below to share your piano teaching boredom busters. Then, we will send you a password and a link to the page where you can view all of the Boredom Busters.

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