The Most Painful (literally) Piano Lesson I Have Ever Taught

This is a true story… from 10 years ago:

I was quickly prepping dinner before my first student arrived. I heard a knock at the door… he was a bit early. I grabbed a towel, dried my hands, raced to my entry way and proceeded to quickly open the front door which, as “bad” luck would have it, jammed against my foot, catching my baby toe and pulling it sideways away from my other toes.

Not yet having had children, it was the worst pain I had experienced in my life. But somehow I managed to greet my little sensitive student and his mom with a clenched-teeth “hello” and a bright but somewhat forced smile.

At the time, I didn’t know my baby toe was broken. It wasn’t until I removed my sock during a brief break, and Trevor pointed out that the baby toe is not generally perpendicular to the rest of the foot, that I realized just how much pain I had had to work through.

And so it is… the life of a piano teacher.

It doesn’t matter if we are having good days, bad days, happy days, sad days, energetic days or sluggish days… when it comes to our students’ piano lessons every day has to be a great day. Because our job depends on it!

And One Way To Salvage A Bad Day…

Is to become a member of PianoGameClub. Teachers have written to us on multiple occasions to let us know that our games have been a lifesaver when they were not feeling well… or were rushed because of unforeseen consequences… or were simply having a bad day.

Which is exactly what we had hoped for… not the part about being sick, or rushed, or grumpy… but rather having a resource that teachers can rely on to literally pull an incredible lesson out of a hat.

So if you are not already a PianoGameClub member, now might be the perfect time to build your piano game library. We have 4 incredible games that our members are receiving this month. One teacher who received this game set wrote to say “You guys have outdone yourself once again. You must be the most creative people I know! Love these. These are games I can use daily.”

You can check them all out by clicking on the link below and if you like what you see you can become a PianoGameClub member by clicking here.

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