Teen Repertoire For Summer Piano Practice

Keeping teenagers interested in the piano is not as difficult as one might think; choose the right repertoire and teens will choose piano!

Our recently released piano book, The Guardians Of Castlemore: WunderKeys Teen Celtic Piano Solos is exactly that: the “just right” repertoire for your older students. Introduce your teens to this resource and, like the teachers below, you’ll be writing us to say:

“I had a parent text me that, because of this music, her daughter was once again practicing (without prompting) every day, even getting up early in the morning to practice while home sick with the flu! The mother couldn’t thank me enough for helping her daughter stay in love with her piano journey.”

“These books are saving my teen piano students from quitting piano. Once they start high school and have the stress of AP exams and figuring out where they want to go to college, normally piano is placed on the back burner. This music is an escape from all of the stress involved with being a teenager and I absolutely love it!”

“I have followed (and loved) Andrea Dow’s music for some years now and knew that this series would be amazing, but HOLY COW — amazing isn’t the word for it! The music is spot on, relevant, and challenging for my teenager students (but not limited to them!!); keeping them wanting more! They ask “when is the next series coming out?”!! They literally high fived me when I produced the hard copy for them to have – the artwork AND the music – they were over the moon!”

In the post below we’re sharing a visual preview and audio sample of the music from Guardians Of Castlemore. If your teens are in love with Guardians Of Arranmore and Guardians Of Ballinmore, you’ll definitely want to continue the journey.

Teen Repertoire For Summer Piano Practice

Guardians Of Castlemore: A Celtic Music Journey Continues

In our Guardians Series, Celtic piano solos serve as the stunning soundtrack to a Celtic legend that tells the tale of a mysterious band of warrior youths who answer the call of battle when Ireland is in trouble.

The story in Guardians Of Castlemore begins on the fields of Ballinmore, with a twist that your teens will not see coming!

The seven piano pieces in Guardians Of Castlemore are composed for intermediate-level piano players working in a Level 3 method book. The music, set in the keys of F minor, G minor, A minor, E minor, and F major, explores 4/4, 3/4, and 6/8 time signatures and mixes pop music with dramatic, Celtic-flavored sounds.

Check out the audio samples below and then keep scrolling for a visual preview.

A Visual Preview Of Guardians Of Castlemore

If you click on the image below you’ll be able to preview sample pages from June’s Book of the Month from Teach Piano Today’s PianoBookClub.

If you like what you see (and love the idea of receiving inspiring piano repertoire each and every month), become a member of Teach Piano Today’s PianoBookClub for just $8 monthly and we’ll start you off with Guardians Of Castlemore. Note: The book is available until June 30, 2019, at 2:00 pm PST.

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