Teaching Students on a Digital Piano – Worthwhile or Worthless?

Here we go with another piano teaching quick tip. They’re short, they’re simple and I guarantee they’re going to bring your piano studio success.

Today’s topic… “Digital Pianos – Worthwhile or worthless?”

What’s my opinion on digital pianos… they are ground-breaking. They are removing one of the biggest barriers that prevents students from coming through your piano teaching studio’s doors… and that’s price!

Why do you think more and more students are signing up for guitar lessons, fiddle lessons, and not choosing piano? It’s because their parents don’t want to shell out five thousand dollars for an acoustic piano.

Are digital pianos perfect? Absolutely not. Are they great for beginners? You bet! You need to get those beginners in your door. You need to let them develop passion and an interest in the piano. Once they figure out that they like it, they can switch to an acoustic piano later on down the road.

Your piano teaching studio will succeed if you stop pushing acoustic pianos.

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