Send Students This Unicorn Composing Activity Before Lessons Return

When piano students return from summer break, I want them ready to roll.

If kids haven’t touched the keys since May or June, teachers end up playing catch up for the first few weeks. Before you know it, October is on the horizon and new books have barely been cracked.

To make the most of those first back-to-school lessons, it is a great idea to email a little piano project to your students a few weeks before start-up.

That way, when they walk through your studio doors, your students are already back in the swing of things.

The unicorn composing activity we are sharing today is the perfect tool to achieve this goal. With a cute character, loveable lyrics, and simple instructions, your students can surprise you with a back-to-school song on Day 1!

Send Students This Unicorn Composing Activity Before Lessons Return

Composing, Composing, and More Composing

Today’s unicorn composing activity (found at the bottom of the post) is just one of a few different composing resources we have created for your students:

  1. Click here if you have level 1 piano students who love the Olympics.
  2. Click here if you have primer piano students playing in 3/4 time who love mermaids, and
  3. Click here if you have early primer students who love dinosaurs.

Today’s composing activity can be used alongside The Rainbow Salad Songbook. A recent release in Andrea and Trevor Dow’s Very Useful Piano Library, this resource will be a favorite among your unicorn-obsessed piano students.

Composed as a late primer piano resource, children using this book will gain confidence playing magical C position music with measures that include hands-together stepping and skipping notes.

You can get it here, or check out a preview in the WunderKeys Bookstore.

Unicorn Piano Songs

Download Today’s Composing Activity

Click on the image below to download today’s resource. Instructions are included that explain everything your students need to have a blast making some music.

Unicorn Composing For Piano Students

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