Piano Teachers Who Fake It, Are Piano Teachers Who Get It

Would someone please explain to me why, after 20 years of piano lessons, I had no idea what a Fake Book was?

For those of you who just thought, “What’s a fake book?” I sympathize with you. For those of you who, if asked to jam with a band, would rather die than improvise, I hear you. For those of you who can’t play anything other than a Sonatina when someone asks you to spice up a party, I get it. So – why are we shutting our own piano students out of this part of the musical world?

While there are many piano teachers who specialize in jazz piano, or “pop piano”, they’re often viewed by the general teaching community as “those teachers” … (insert a disdainful nose wrinkle here). Do know that if “those teachers” got wind of our business strategies, your studio could be in serious trouble if you continue to turn a blind eye to this practical side of piano lessons!

Like it or not, this is what the general public is looking for when they sign their children up for lessons. They don’t know how to tell you so, as they are often not musical themselves. They trustingly turn over their 8 year old into your knowledgeable hands … and then, when their child turns 12, they carefully tell you over the phone that she’s just lost interest and she won’t be back next year.

By avoiding popular music we are doing a major disservice to those piano students who do not have their sights set on the concert stage.

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