Piano Lesson Books: Appearance IS Everything

When it comes to choosing lesson books, I whole-heartedly encourage you to judge a book by its cover. Think this sounds trivial?… let’s dig a little deeper.

A piano student’s success is fully dependant on their motivation to learn the piano. No motivation equals no success. Every aspect of a piano lesson, including the piano lesson book, must motivate a student. So … what’s the best way to go about choosing the perfect lesson book?

Next time you head to the music store to buy books, take along a young relative (niece, nephew, son, daughter etc.) to lend you a hand. Spread 10 or 15 different lesson books on the floor and have your special helper select the five that they think are “cool”, “exciting”, or “fun”.

Now it’s your turn to narrow the field. As I’m sure you know, there are a lot of “cool” books that are all show and no substance. So … from your special helper’s top 5, choose the one lesson book that delivers both visually and technically (of course, if they’re all garbage go back to step 1 and repeat the process).

Remember, piano lesson books should guide your piano teaching but never ever direct your piano teaching. Want to learn how to deliver earth-shattering lessons?… check out our guide, “Piano Hands Shouldn’t Flip Burgers”.

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