More Theory Worksheets For Homework Hungry Piano Students

If there is anything good to come from piano students who are stuck at home, it’s that they no longer think theory worksheets are a drag.

Before, when kids had soccer practices, dance classes, art lessons, and loads of homework, piano theory was the last thing they wanted to do.

But now, with a ton of time on their hands, theory worksheets aren’t looking so bad! In fact, many piano students are happily anticipating their daily music assignments.

Of course, truth be told, the theory worksheets we continually share through TeachPianoToday and WunderKeys never looked so bad anyway 😉  With a game-based approach, teachers learned that piano students were eager to complete our worksheets long before they were ever locked inside their own homes.

But now that they are stuck in their homes, piano students have a ton of time to complete a ton of theory worksheets… which is why we keep adding more fun activities to the TeachPianoToday Homework pages!

In today’s post, we’re sharing interval-focused theory worksheets that we added to our collection of music worksheets.

More Theory Worksheets For Homework Hungry Piano Students

Theory Worksheets To Reinforce Recognition Of Intervals

Last week, we shared some resources that were specifically designed to improve the note-reading abilities of your primer and level 1 piano students (check them out here).

Today, we wanted to focus on intervallic reading!

While note reading is one of the most important skills a student can acquire, the ability to read intervals is almost as important. As kids get older, their playing will suffer if they read every single note on the staff.

Instead, they need to be able to read the relationship between notes. This ability to recognize intervals results in students who play with fluidity, as opposed to the choppy sounds common with “note crunchers”.

To help your piano students reinforce their recognition of intervals, download today’s theory worksheets from Teach Piano Today’s Homework Pages (click the pink button below). When you access our Homework pages you’ll find 40 more activities that you can download, print, or email.

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