How to stay motivated when practising the piano

Set goals for each practice session


How to stay motivated when practising the piano


Need some tips on maximising your efficiency in your piano practice? Here are 5

Before you practise, figure out a game plan as to what you hope to accomplish by the end of each session. Set attainable goals: it is important to experience small victories along the way to build confidence and feel that you are making progress in your studies. Check out an earlier post of mine on how to maximize efficiency in your practice.


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Continue to read and play music that is enjoyable to you

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Often times, we find ourselves studying the same repertoire over and over again—whether it is because we are preparing them for a performance, competition, or examination. No matter how much we may love these pieces, constantly working on the same repertoire can be tiring. It is important that we get back to the core reason as to why we learned piano in the first place: playing beautiful music. Reward yourself each day by playing something that is beautiful and enjoyable to you. It can be anything—classical, pop, film, or even video game music.


Play with other musicians

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Piano is one of the most isolationist instruments. The amount of solo literature written for it is incredibly vast—requiring us to practise much more by ourselves than other instrumentalists. I love playing with others as it rejuvenates and recharges my creative spirit. Find a friend to play piano duets with or collaborate with others in chamber and vocal music.


Get inspired and listen to concerts and favourite recordings

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When you need a pick-me-up, go and listen to your favourite recordings, or better yet, attend a concert. I think there is something about attending a live concert that can be inspiring, soothing, and even therapeutic.


Perform at community outreach programmes

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Performing at community outreach programmes such as retirement homes or in struggling neighbourhoods are wonderful opportunities not only to build your confidence at the piano, but more importantly, to contribute something meaningful to society. From my past experiences, the audiences at these events are grateful that musicians take time out of their day to share their work with them. And to me, that is why we play the piano: to connect with others through the music.

Happy practising!

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