How Piano Playing is Improving Cardiovascular Health

Depending on your piano teaching style, maybe your lessons really are a cardiovascular workout. When you teach children piano do they leave your studio red-faced, out of breath and begging for water? If so, WOW!… but the cardiovascular workout I’m talking about here, is slightly different than your typical piano playing workout.

In fact, the piano playing in the video below is probably a lot different. It involves several flights of stairs, computer generated sound sampling, and a lot of hard work!

The Piano Stairs Project

Maybe you’ve seen the Piano Stairs project sponsored by Volkswagon… after all, it did receive 16 000 000 hits on YouTube. Well, the Piano Stairs concept is beginning to take hold.

Check out the video below as a New Zealand mall replicates the Piano Stairs experiment to see if musical stairs can indeed encourage good health.

The piano knows no boundaries 🙂

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