Hey Idea Swappers… How Do You Reward Your Piano Students?

We all want our piano students to be intrinsically motivated; to play piano for the pure joy of actually playing piano. It’s a romantic concept… and achievable might I add, but on the road to intrinsic motivation it never hurts to throw our students a bone now and again.

Enter… today’s IdeaSwap!

How Do you Reward Your Piano Students?

We want to know all about those “hanging carrots” of extrinsic motivation that you use to inspire your piano students to keep on keeping on. Do you reward all of your students upon the completion of specific tasks? Do you present monthly rewards to certain students only? In what form do your rewards come? Do you have a more organized and formal rewards program, or do you spontaneously shower gifts upon deserving students?

Use the form below to tell us all about your piano studio rewards. We will collect everyone’s responses and publish them on our Teach Piano Today Idea Swap page. Then, we will send the “super-secret” password to everyone who submitted an idea. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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