Funky Teen Piano Puzzles To Reinforce Major And Minor Key Signatures

Over the past few months, we’ve been keeping your littlest piano students entertained with puzzles, coloring pages, and clip cards.

But we haven’t forgotten about your teen piano students!

While most of our activities for teens usually take place on the bench, we’ve been sure to include some games for them too.

And today we’re going to add another off-the-bench activity to your teen teaching toolbox.

If you teach piano to teens, you know that there are some things that they simply get too old for. It is very unlikely you’ll have a teen student who wants to reinforce key signatures by driving toy cars around your studio. It is also very unlikely that your teen student will respond well to a studio puppet 😉

But things like puzzles never get old.

If you have teen piano students who are learning about major keys, minor keys, and relative major and minor keys, our piano puzzles created just for tweens and teens will make them feel like kids again.

Funky Teen Piano Puzzles To Reinforce Major And Minor Key

Teen Piano Puzzles To Reinforce Key Signatures

When students begin learning piano, a major portion of every lesson revolves around note reading.

As students get older, and their note reading skills improve, teachers are granted more and more time to work on all the elements of piano playing that turn note crunchers into beautiful piano players.

By the time your kids turn to tweens and then teens, you would assume that very little time would be spent on studying the symbols on a music page.

But that assumption would be wrong because just as kids master note reading, key signatures enter the picture to give them something to struggle with!

With our teen piano puzzles, we can turn that key signature frustration into fun!

Today’s printables are created to align with the major and minor keys as they are introduced in WunderKeys Intermediate Pop Studies For Piano 1 and WunderKeys Intermediate Pop Studies For Piano 2.

With our pop method book series for teens, we’ve created a program that reinforces scales, chords, triads, and left-hand patterns by transforming exercise-based repertoire into motivating pop piano studies.

Click here to download today’s Teen Piano Puzzles.

Piano Puzzles For Relative Keys

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