«Ding Dong!» – A Halloween Duet For Piano Students Of All Ages

In our neighborhood, Halloween is in full swing. Inflatable ghosts adorn lawns, fake cobwebs stretch across doorways, and ghosts hang from gutters.

When I was little it seemed Halloween was something fun for just the littlest kids of a family. But these days, given the household decoration efforts, it seems people of all ages are getting pretty excited for October’s big day!

This means piano students of all ages are also getting excited. So today we wanted to share a piano activity that can be used with students from six to… one hundred and six! It is a multi-tool piano resource that will get a serious workout in your studio in the coming weeks.

Ding Dong A Halloween Duet For Piano Students Of

“Ding Dong!” – A Halloween Duet For Students Of All Ages

“Ding Dong!” – A Halloween Duet For Me and My Not-So-Musical Mates can be used with so many different students in so many different ways. It contains a late-elementary piano piece and a very simple rote accompaniment.

It can be used as a fun end-of-lesson activity with preschool and primer students, a motivating standalone teen piano piece, an elementary practice piece that involves parents at home, or a Bring-A-Buddy Day piano resource.

“Ding Dong!” brings the doorbell ringing fun of Trick or Treating into your piano studio! To get started, download the resource by clicking here or on the image below.

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Looking For More Halloween Piano Printables?

We have LOTS! There’s nothing better than a few extra games and activities during the holiday season to keep your lessons feeling fresh. The Growing With WunderKeys Toolkit is a treasure trove of games, sheet music, activities, studio tools, and more! It’s all free when you sign up for our weekly newsletter. Click here, sort by level, and then select “Halloween” to find them!

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