Did You Miss Any Of Our Top Piano Teaching Posts From 2017?

Trevor and I have a lot to say about piano teaching. The Teach Piano Today Blog now has well over 1,000 articlesso we won’t hold it against you if a couple may have slipped your mind!

Because you’ll be having a much deserved break next week, we thought (during those rare moments of relaxation) you might enjoy snuggling up with your computer and reading some of our top posts from 2017 (or if you’re really ambitious tackling all 1,000 from the past 7 years!).

Did You Miss Any Of Our Top Piano Teaching Posts

What you’ll encounter below is a variety of posts that struck a chord with our readers for one reason or another. This compilation has turned out to be a great mixture of advice, opinions, activities, and printables. We hope it inspires you to continue your piano teaching awesomeness in 2018 🙂 Now… let’s get the countdown started!

The Top 7 Piano Teaching Posts Of 2017

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This post triggered a plethora of comments on the blog and on the Teach Piano Today Facebook page. Clearly, we all have a lot of old piano music that is collecting dust in crawlspaces and attics! There is something immensely satisfying about breathing life back into something that is past its expiration date. And let’s face it… none of us can bare throwing out sheet music! So, read this post again and then use it to launch into some serious sight-reading fun with your piano students.

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Trevor and I work extremely hard to make the Teach Piano Today Blog the happiest piano place on the internet. But, every once in a while, you need to head down the more emotional roads. When you work with many families in many different circumstances, sometimes an adjustment is needed in practice expectations and lesson structure if your student is facing difficulties. When this happens in your studio, you may want to fall back on this post for advice.

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We share a lot of fancy-looking printables on the blog, so when we decide to take a break from the polished piano printables and share something with a DIY flare it’s always refreshing. In this case, with a few simple items, you and your students can go “old school” and have a blast exploring time signatures with these DIY caterpillar cards.

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Trevor and I have personally written just about every single blog post on our website, but in this post we showcased a great idea from a member of the Teach Piano Today community and, because if its incredible success, decided that in 2018 we need to focus on sharing more community-driven posts! If you have ever considered “shaking up” the piano recital world, then you’ll definitely want to check out this amazing studio recital story.

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Just as some people require no introductions, some posts require no introductions as well. Piano teachers have been loving our composer trading cards, and any post that mentions them is always a big hit! Even if you are already an avid collector of our cards, you’ll want to make sure you check out this post to make sure your collection is complete.

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There is nothing deep or serious about this post. It’s all about bringing the fun into your studio… and nothing is more fun and relevant right now than emojis. Thrill your students by bringing these 5 emoji-loving strategies into your studio in 2018.

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I am sure you would be thrilled if your piano students went on to achieve international stardom. But if we’re being serious, most of us want our students to simply make music a lifelong passion… and the best way to do this is to help them become independent piano students. In this post, we share 6 things teachers can stop doing that will help students take ownership over their lessons and become pianists for life.

One More Thing You Need To Do Before January…

Now that we have shared the posts that will make a huge difference in your studio in 2018, it’s time to introduce you to the one resource you need to revolutionize the lessons you teach: PianoBookClub. With creative and innovative books being published each and every month, signing up for a membership to PianoBookClub will breathe life into your lessons. 

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