Check Out Our Monday Morning Master Class

We’re very excited today to debut a brand new feature on Teach Piano Today: The Monday Morning Master Class.

We believe there is so much to be learned through collaboration with other piano teachers. We all teach differently, play differently, and learn differently… and that’s a beautiful thing. When we watch a student play a piano piece we may have a hundred different suggestions and a hundred different compliments. And, each suggestion and each compliment will contribute something meaningful to the development of our students and our teaching styles.

What do you think? Are you in for a Monday Morning Master Class?

Below is a video clip of a child who has clearly worked very hard. While she’s not a student at our studio, she’s playing a piece that is common to students in studios everywhere.

Watch the video clip and leave a comment that contains, as we like to say, “a star and a wish”. What is this student doing really well? What would you, as her teacher, work on next? Be sure to check back and keep the conversation going… there’s always so much to learn!

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