Celebrate Piano Lesson Anniversaries With These Printables

Your students who stick with piano lessons and return to your studio year after year will always hold an important place in your heart.

Their dedication not only keeps your studio alive but also signals to the community that your lessons are worth coming back for.

For this reason, you should always recognize piano lesson anniversaries; for the benefit of your students and of your studio.

Today we are sharing Piano Lesson Anniversary certificates.

When the day arrives when a student has been taking lessons for one year, two years, three years, or more, present her with a certificate, snap a photo, and share the special occasion on your social media pages.

Celebrate Piano Lesson Anniversaries With These Printables

How To Use Our Piano Lesson Anniversary Certificates

You can download our Piano Lesson Anniversary certificates by clicking on the image below.

When you open the file you will find seven certificates for students who are celebrating piano lesson anniversaries.

When it is time to celebrate a piano lesson anniversary, complete the certificate, present it to your student, snap a photo of your student holding the certificate, and share it on your social media pages. Remember! When sharing student images on social media it is important to obtain parental consent.

How do you keep kids in piano lessons?

Begin by using the right method books and repertoire. Visit the WunderKeys Book Store to find today’s most exciting piano books.

Piano Lesson Anniversary Certificates

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