An Online Goody Bag Of Valentine’s Day Piano Fun!

January is a long, hard month. It can be exhausting for piano teachers. So, when February rolls around you are probably looking for any chance to make your life easier.

We hope today’s post can help you put your feet up and relax.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we have an online goody bag of themed activities that will thrill your piano students.

All you have to do is select an activity and press print!

An Online Goody Bag Of Valentines Day Piano Fun

Valentine’s Day Piano Goodies

The resources that we’re sharing below can be used to pump up the fun in your piano studio during the Valentine’s Day season. They coordinate with the WunderKeys Preschool and Primer Method books (which you can learn about here) but can be used with any students you have in your studio.

1. Valentine’s Day Piano Lesson Assignment Sheets

This year we’ve created two different designs for our lesson assignment sheets. These sheets are an easy way to direct your piano students’ home practice sessions and to communicate what took place in lessons. Clip one page per week into your students’ piano binders and ask them to place a checkmark in the corresponding grey boxes for each activity they complete at home. The large boxes on the sheets allow space for you to write assigned pieces, parent notes, piano games played, etc.

Two of the designs are created to match the layout of a WunderKeys Preschool or Primer lesson. The final design is generic and can be used with any method book:

Primer-Level Lesson Assignment Sheet (use with WunderKeys Primer books)

Preschool-Level Lesson Assignment Sheets (use with WunderKeys Preschool books)

Generic Lesson Assignment Sheet

2. Valentine’s Day Photo Props

Piano teachers everywhere are loving the TeachPianoToday photo props. They pop up on Facebook and Instagram daily! These printable photo props are easy to use: simply print one out, pop it in a photo frame, hand it to a piano student, snap a photo and email the photo to parents or share on social media (with written parental permission, of course!). Our new Valentine’s Day designs will add a bit of extra music love to your emails and/or studio social media pages this February.

Download the Valentine’s Day Piano Lesson Photo Props here

3. Valentine’s Day Repetition Punch Cards

We shared these on the WunderKeys blog a few weeks ago and teachers have been enjoying massive amounts of piano student enthusiasm ever since… so we thought we’d share them again in case you missed them the first time!

Print and laminate the page below then cut out the cards. Give one card to your students with instructions to hole punch or cross off one heart for every completed repetition. You can also use these cards to track days practiced, review pieces re-visited, correctly-named notes, correctly-demonstrated rhythms, and more.

Download the Valentine’s Day Repetition Punch Cards here

4. Valentine’s Day Ear Training

Teach your piano students to aurally recognize stepping notes vs. skipping notes in this ear training game that requires a game marker and this free printable!

Download the Ear Training Game here.

5. Valentine’s Day Rest Values

If you have piano students who ignore rests in their music or who need a bit of extra practice remembering how to count them this game is what you’re looking for! Solidify understanding of rest values with this “Level 1B” game that has a cute cupid theme your students will love!

Download the Rest Value Game Here.

6. Valentine’s Lap Tap Clap Rhythm Duet

Valentine’s Day “Lap Tap Clap” Rhythm Duet. Using body percussion to internalize rhythm and beat is a fun way to get your students actively involved in improving their rhythm skills. This Valentine-themed rhythm duet is a fun way to bring some rhythm training into your lessons.

Download the Rhythm Duet Here.

7. Valentine’s Day Teacher/Student Duet Sheet Music

Sometimes you just need a quick-to-learn fun piece to celebrate a holiday. “Friendship is Fantastic” is a cute piece you can use either as a student solo or as a teacher/student duet with your Level 1A piano students.

Download the sheet music here.

8. Instructions for making a DIY Valentine’s Day Rhythm Shaker

Using rhythm instruments is a fun way to engage your young piano students in off and on-bench rhythm training. These are easy to make and fun to use! Find out how to make one and discover our ideas for how to use one here. 

9. 5 Early Note-Reading Valentine’s Day Games For Primer Students

Primer students always need note-reading reinforcement and with our idea for this DIY project and games your students will have a blast while improving their early note-reading skills! Find out how here.

10. Valentine’s Day Preschool Piano Solo

If you teach WunderKeys Piano for Preschoolers you’ll want to check out this Pointer Panda-themed Valentine’s Day Solo called “Panda Hugs”. Using the WunderKeys Preschool notation, your Book 3 students will love the cute lyrics! Find it in the Growing With WunderKeys Toolkit here.

11. Printable Valentines For WunderKeys Piano Students

Attach a small treat to these cute piano-themed cards and you’ll have smiling, happy students on Valentine’s Day! Themed to match the WunderKeys books and using the loveable characters these are an easy way to give your students a small gift. Print double-sided on cardstock.

Preschool-themed cards are here.

Primer-themed cards are here.

Load Up On Valentine’s Day Fun!

If you’ve missed our other holiday-themed offerings you can find them in the printables section of the WunderKeys website by clicking on “Holiday”. And while you’re in a coordinating mood… why not check out the WunderKeys method books. Not only are they absolutely adored by teachers, students, and parents, but we also regularly share supplementary WunderKeys freebies that will take your studio to the next level!

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