An All-Ages Piano Printable For Two-Month Lesson Goal Tracking

It’s January, and that means it’s time to teach your piano students how to set some goals. If kids are going to progress they need to become an active part of the lesson planning process.

Too often students are passive learners. They show up for lessons, do what is asked, practice (maybe) at home and then do it all again the following week. While kids will eventually become better players by following this routine, you can supercharge their learning by getting them involved in goal setting.

In today’s post, we are sharing an all-ages homework printable that should be in every student binder. Your students can use it to track their two-month progress toward a lesson goal.

An All Ages Piano Printable For Two Month Lesson Goal Tracking

A Piano Printable For Tracking Progress

The printable below is designed to track a single lesson goal over a two month period. But that doesn’t mean your students should only be working toward one goal. If you like, print off multiple copies of the printable, stick it in your students’ binders and let them work toward two or three goals (anything more will be overwhelming).

To use the printable, discuss with a student the piano lesson goal that she would like to achieve (ie. I can play my major scales hands together). Once a goal has been selected instruct her to record her choice on the line at the top of the goal-tracking table.

Then, ask your student to check in once a week on her goal recording the date and then coloring in a box that corresponds to where she is at in her progress.

How To Download Today’s Printable

To download today’s goal-tracking printable, as well as many additional fun theory activities, visit Teach Piano Today’s Homework Pages (click the pink button after the image below).

And don’t forget… January is a great time to refresh your studio with exciting new teaching materials. Check out the WunderKeys 2023 Piano Book Guide here (book images are clickable for more info)

How To Track Piano Goals

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