A Printable Piano Card Game – Into the New Year With Intervals

If your New Years resolution was to bring more fun and games to your piano teaching table then we have a great printable to share with you today! Into the New Year With Intervals is a simple piano teaching card game designed to help students visually recognize intervals.

Piano Interval Card Game Image

How To Play ‘Into the New Year With Intervals’

Preparing for this game is super-simple, but be sure to leave enough time to get the playing cards laminated (this document contains the front and the back of each of the 4 playing cards). Print the front and back of the playing cards on a single sheet of paper before getting the paper laminated… I guess that goes without saying 😉

Once the cards are laminated and you have your piano student sitting in front of you, draw a different interval on the back of each of the 4 cards using an erasable marker. Make sure the smallest interval goes on the back of the “2”, the next smallest goes on back of the “0”, and do on (this is crucial to the game).

Once you have marked the intervals on the back of each card place the cards on the floor in random order. Instruct your student to arrange the intervals from smallest to largest in order from left to right. When she has completed this task, have her flip each of the cards over. If she arranged the intervals correctly the cards should read, “2014”.

Wipe the cards clean and play the game again and again and again… And, when 2015 rolls around you can stop!

More fun in the New Year

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