A ‘Joy To The World’ Scale Solo For Teens

Teens are reluctant piano performers. Unlike little kids, they are not eager to hop on the piano and play a tune for Mom and Dad.

But things change a little during the holiday season.

Whether it’s trying to stay on Santa’s nice list in hopes for an Apple Watch or simply the magic of Christmas hitting them in the heart, teens can usually be talked into performing a few Christmas ditties.

And if they’re going to be playing some Christmas tunes at home they might as well be practicing their scales at the same time.

Today we are sharing a G major scale solo inspired by the holiday tune, Joy To The World. It can be used as an easy piece for teens working in WunderKeys Intermediate Pop Studies For Piano 1 or as a challenge piece for kids who are nearing the end of a level 2 method book.

A ‘Joy To The World Scale Solo For Teens

Let’s Practice Scales With Pop Music

At the bottom of the post, you can access today’s Christmas scale solo. Using the same approach as we do in our Pop Studies Method Books, we’ve turned the G major scale into an awesome holiday tune.

But how are you going to inspire your teens to practice scales, triads, and other technical exercises when the holiday season is over? With WunderKeys Intermediate Pop Studies For Piano!

You can learn all about these cool teen method books by clicking the covers below.

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Teen Pop Studies For Piano

Download Our Joy To The World Scale Solo

Click on the image below to download today’s piano resource.

Joy To The World Piano

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