A Chord Inversion Piano Game For Teens Who Are Bored On The Bench

When a preschool or primer piano student is getting bored on your bench you have so many tools at your disposal to light up your lesson. Your youngest students can be rescued with games, stories, and stuffed animals to enhance the learning experience.

When a teen student gets bored, most piano teachers just power through.

Sometimes this strategy works and your teen perks up. Most times it fails miserably. But one thing is certain: when you power through a piano piece or a theory lesson you will have a disengaged student, and disengaged students are learning next to nothing.

In today’s post, we are sharing a piano game that you can pull out when you’re getting the impression that piano theory is punishing your teen students.

A Chord Inversion Piano Game For Teens Who Are Bored

Engage Your Teen Piano Students With Game-Based Learning

Teens can be tough to teach because they hold their emotional cards close. During a lesson, it can be a real challenge to interpret their engagement. Teens can look engaged while having had mentally checked out a long time ago.

The most effective way to ensure mental engagement, therefore, is to play a piano game. Game-based learning by its very nature requires teen students to be mentally involved. If they are not, you will know!

Today’s chord inversion game (found at the bottom of the post) can be used as a standalone activity or in coordination with our books, WunderKeys Intermediate Pop Studies For Piano Series.

Download Today’s Game

To access today’s printable click here or on the image below. This race-to-the-finish game will be a hit with your completely-engaged teen piano students.

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