A Checklist To Track Teach Piano Today’s Piano Lesson Printables

The last three months have been a whirlwind for piano teachers. With students stuck at home, piano teachers have had to completely change the way their students learn music.

This required a ton of planning and preparation… on top of all of the planning and preparation already regularly required by piano teachers.

And if this wasn’t enough, many of us had to balance our studios with caring for and homeschooling our own children.

Needless to say, there are a lot of exhausted piano teachers out there.

It is, therefore, very likely that you have missed many of the piano printables Trevor and I have been creating over the past few months.

So, today we wanted to take a moment to share a piano printables checklist you can use to track down resources that may have come and gone while you were trying to keep your boat afloat!

A Checklist To Track Teach Piano Todays Piano Lesson Printables

A Piano Printables Checklist For March, April, And May

Trevor and I create many piano lesson printables for teachers. These printables are generally shared in four different places: 1. on the Teach Piano Today Blog, 2. in the Teach Piano Today Homework Pages, 3. in the Growing With WunderKeys Toolkit, and 4. in our Facebook groups.

Below we are listing all of our recent piano printables, categorized by the aforementioned locations.

1. The Teach Piano Today Blog

The resources below are available to anyone who visits the Teach Piano Today blog. Some printables that were specific to Easter or Mother’s Day (and therefore not currently relevant) are not listed). In March, April and May we shared the following:

  1. Teen Piano Puzzles To Reinforce Major And Minor Key Signatures
  2. Rock Rhythm Duets That Students Can Play While Home Alone
  3. A Composer Research Project For Teen Piano Students

2. The Teach Piano Today Homework Pages

Once a week we share piano printables that can be used as student homework pages. These printables are only available to teachers who subscribe to the Teach Piano Today blog.

If you are already a subscriber, the printables listed below can be accessed here. The password can be found at the bottom of most emails that we send to you. If you are not a subscriber, join here.

  1. G Position Sudoku Note Reading
  2. Song Strips Sight Reading Puzzles
  3. Teen Ledger Lines Game
  4. Ear Training Coloring Pages
  5. Rhythm Chaos Worksheets

3. The Growing With WunderKeys Toolkit

Every Saturday morning we send a preschool, primer, or level 1 piano printable to members of the Growing With WunderKeys Newsletter.

This is a different newsletter from the Teach Piano Today Newsletter and teachers must subscribe separately to this newsletter. If you are not receiving our Saturday emails but would love these printables you can subscribe here.

If you are already a subscriber to the Growing With WunderKeys Newsletter, the printables listed below can be found here. Enter the password you received in your most recent Saturday morning email.

  1. A Hand-Washing Pre-Reading Song For Preschoolers
  2. A Beginning Primer Piano Expansion Pack For Stuck At Home Students
  3. A Mystery Note Ear Training Game
  4. Note Reading Trains
  5. Mix And Match Technical Exercises
  6. Cut And Paste Note Reading Sorts
  7. A Color-It Summer Practice Tracker
  8. WunderKeys Comic Composer Cards
  9. A Father’s Day Piano Solo For Primer Students

4. The WunderKeys Facebook Group

Our WunderKeys Facebook Groups are the happiest place on the web, where resources and support are offered on a daily basis. The printables and extras listed below are found in the WunderKeys For Piano Teachers Facebook Group. If you are not already a member, click here to join. We’ve pinned a post to the top of the group to help you find the following:

  1. Virtual Recital Certificates
  2. End Of Year Certificates
  3. Animated Summer Social Media Images
  4. Piano Student Postcards
  5. Virtual Stickers
  6. A keyboard graphic to screen share for Zoom teaching
  7. A grand staff graphic to screen share for Zoom teaching

And don’t forget to check out our newest resource, Andrea And Trevor Dow’s Timed Note Reading Tests, Book 1.

The 90 days of exercises in this book that reinforce note reading in middle C position and C position are carefully-crafted to ensure piano students learn notes in a manner that makes perfect pedagogical sense.

Click here to learn more about Andrea And Trevor Dow’s Timed Note Reading Tests and to check out a 31-page preview.

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