6 Piano Resources Every Teacher Of Teens Should Read

When we released An Intermediate Performance Companion For Pop Studies 1: The WunderKeys Essential Piano Collection.

It quickly became our highest-debuting piano book of all time on Amazon!

The success of our newest resource and its buddy book, WunderKeys Intermediate Pop Studies For Piano 1, reminded us of two things:

  1. We would never be able to make a difference in piano education if it wasn’t for the support of all of the teachers who read this blog, use our method books, and contribute to our WunderKeys communities on Facebook (thank you!) and
  2. There are a lot of piano teachers working with teen students!

Much of the piano teaching advice you will find online focuses on young piano students. And this makes sense. If we don’t meet the needs of our youngest piano players they will never grow up to be teenage piano players.

But teachers of teens need advice too. Teen students, even those who have been taking piano lessons for years, can be quick to quit piano lessons. So it is important teachers have the resources they need to meet the needs of this high-risk group.

So, with that said, in today’s post, we are sharing some of our most valuable teen teaching articles from Teach Piano Today. Bookmark this post and refer back to it often.

Note: At the very bottom of this post we’re sharing a flip-through preview of An Intermediate Performance Companion For Pop Studies 1.

6 Piano Resources Every Teacher Of Teens Should Read

We share a ton of resources on the blog for teachers who work with teens. Many of these resources can be found in the Printables section of this website. Today, however, we wanted to focus on the articles with pedagogical suggestions… articles that will make teaching teens easier. Let’s Get Started:

1. The Seven Habits Of Successful Teen Piano Students

I have taught piano to my fair share of teens over the years. And, while every teen brought a different personality to my studio, the most successful teens had certain characteristics in common. In this post, we’re discussing these characteristics and how you can help your teens develop similar habits.

2. Forgetful, Disorganized, Teen Piano Students? Why Teachers Should Cut Them Some Slack

My oldest daughter is entering her teenage years and Trevor and I are starting to get a taste for what the next few years of our lives are going to look like 🙂 What we’re already discovering is that approaching every frustrating situation with an understanding of the changes that are happening in our teen’s brain, helps us have more patience. This post is an incredible read for parents and teachers of teens. Trevor and I have been re-reading it regularly!

3. If You Teach Teen Or Tween Piano Students, This Will Be Your Go-To Resource Hub

Teaching piano to teens is not a row you want to hoe alone. Having a supportive community of piano teachers who can celebrate your successes and feel your pain, makes the job so much easier. If you teach teen piano students, check out this post and then join our teen-focused Facebook group.

4. What To Do If Your Little Piano Student Grew Up Over The Summer

I know, it’s not summer, but that doesn’t mean this post is irrelevant. In fact, in the blink of an eye, winter break will be upon us and, even though it means just two or three weeks away from teaching, you may see significant changes in your tween students when they return in the new year; and if you do, you’ll want to read this post.

5. How Teen Mentoring May Be The Student Motivator You’ve Been Looking For

Many of the articles on this list revolve around helping teen students. But the truth is, teens can also be very helpful to you and your studio! If you want to keep your teens connected to piano lessons while using them as inspiration for younger students, check out the teen mentoring ideas in this post.

6. 10 Things I Want My Teen Piano Students To Know Before They Quit Lessons

This post is not about rescuing teens who are about to quit your piano studio. Instead, it is about convincing teens to stick with piano lessons after they move on from your studio. If you teach teens who are about to graduate, chances are you will be saying goodbye to them at the end of this year. Use my letter in this post to say goodbye to your students, all the while convincing them to continue their musical journey.

And Now, A Preview Of Our Teen Intermediate Piano Resource

Interested in a new option for your teen piano students? An Intermediate Performance Companion For Pop Studies 1: The WunderKeys Essential Piano Collection.

This book is composed for students working in a traditional level 3 method book and contains piano solos in the keys of C, Am, G, Em, F, and Dm.

It is a collection of 15 of WunderKeys’ greatest intermediate hits! Every piece in this book is teacher and teen-approved.

To create the perfect lesson experience for your intermediate piano players, our most popular piano pieces from the last decade have been reworked to create a leveled repertoire collection for use alongside our book, WunderKeys Intermediate Pop Studies For Piano 1 (also available on Amazon).

Click on the image below to preview sample pages and then, if you like what you see, visit Amazon here to get it for your intermediate piano players.

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